The information below outlines the eligibility rules for each of the Major Award Categories (including the supreme Halberg Award, Sportsman, Sportswoman, Disabled Sportsperson, Team and Coach).

General Eligibility

  • Only sporting achievements within that calendar year, i.e. 1 January to 31 December, are eligible.
  • Sporting achievements in New Zealand and overseas are eligible.
  • The supreme Halberg Award winner is chosen from the winners of the Sportsman, Sportswoman, Disabled Sportsperson & Team award categories.

Sportsman & Sportswoman

  • Must be a New Zealand Citizen, or hold a Resident or Permanent Resident Visa.

(NB an athlete in a team is eligible for the Sportsman/woman categories).

Disabled Sportsperson

  • Must be a New Zealand Citizen, or hold a Resident or Permanent Resident Visa.
  • Must be a Classified disabled athlete or team (Team of the Year category eligibility applies).

(NB Classified disabled athletes are only eligible for the Disabled Sportsperson award and the Emerging Talent award - not Sportsman, Sportswoman or Team).


  • Must be either:
    1. A New Zealand representative team (ie representing a NZ National Sports Organisation), or
    2. A team that is a registered New Zealand entity.

(NB two or more people competing in the same single event are considered to be a team, eg a rowing pair).


  • Must be a New Zealand Citizen or hold a Resident or Permanent Resident Visa. (New Zealanders coaching athletes/teams from other countries are eligible).