Judging Criteria

The criteria for the supreme Halberg Award is:

The Halberg Award will be awarded to the individual athlete, athlete in a team, or team whose achievement represented excellence in sport at the highest level. 

This criteria is in turn applied to the Sportsman, Sportswoman, Para Athlete/Team & Team awards (which are all eligible for the supreme Halberg Award), as well as the Coach award.

Regarding the criteria, the Voting Academy consider:       

1. Regarding the achievement was it in that sport’s ‘pinnacle event’ (eg Olympics, Paralympics, Football World Cup.

2. Regarding the achievement was it a world record, or world ranking or recognition (eg ‘World Player of the Year’)

3. The quality of the field / competition

4. The global nature of the sport


Please note:

Re: (1.a) ‘Pinnacle Events’ – The Halberg Awards define Pinnacle, Major and Milestone events as follows*:

Pinnacle Event:  A Pinnacle event is the most significant event in a sports four year competition calendar e.g. the Olympic / Paralympic Games or a World Cup or World Championship event that is held once every four years (e.g. Rugby World Cup, Netball World Cup, FIFA World Cup etc.). 

Major Event:  A Major event is the next most significant event (after a pinnacle event) in a sports four year competition calendar. These are other events that occur within a four year cycle that are considered major events (e.g. IAAF World Championships, Hockey World Cup, Basketball World Championships etc.).

Milestone Event:  A Milestone event is the most significant event in a sports annual competition calendar. This includes annual World Championships and annual world level or domestic events.

*this aligns with High Performance Sport New Zealand’s definition of Pinnacle, Major and Milestone events.