Nominations Board

Any submissions queries regarding ISPS Handa Halberg Award nominations are managed to an outcome by a four person independent Nomination Board comprising of media and sport sector veterans.


Members of the ISPS Handa Halberg Awards Nomination Board are:

Kerry Clark CNZM, OBE, Suzanne McFadden, Peter Williams and Chantal Brunner.


The expectations and responsibilities of the Nomination Board members are to:

Confirm all nominations and to ensure that all relevant sports are represented.

Provide nomination information regarding any athlete who is not on the initial nomination list to the relevant National Sports Organisation or Representative Body. 

Where a formal body does not exist or at its discretion, the Nomination Board may submit a nomination.

Be satisfied that all sports have had the opportunity to submit a nomination by the submission deadline.

Manage to an outcome any nomination omissions/issues at any part of the submission process.

Disclose any conflicts of interest (eg family members nominated etc).

Respect the integrity of the Nomination Board, Halberg Awards and Halberg Foundation, and to take no action that will impact negatively on their reputations.

Accept the collective responsibility of Nomination Board decisions.


Please note:

Nominations are not required for the ISPS Handa Halberg Awards Decade Champion as finalists are winners from previous Halberg Awards for achievements 2010 –2019. 

For more information on nominations please contact