Sky Sport Emerging Talent Award

The Sky Sport Emerging Talent Award is designed to identify and assist a young athlete in their quest to become an Olympic, Paralympic and/or World Champion, and hopefully one day win the Halberg Award. 


  • Must be a New Zealand Citizen, or hold a Resident or Permanent Resident Visa
  • Must be an individual athlete or athlete in a team
  • Must be under 20 years of age as of 30th November of the year nominated
  • Must represent New Zealand
  • Must not have achieved success at elite international level. Success at an elite international level is defined as having medalled at the Olympic or Paralympic Games or Senior World Championships (or that sports equivalent competition). NB Dispensation can be sought in special circumstances e.g. a non-playing reserve
  • Past winners of the Award are ineligible


The criteria for the Sky Sport Emerging Talent Award is:

The Sky Sport Emerging Talent Award will be awarded to the individual athlete or athlete in a team, under the age of 20, who has the greatest potential to be an Olympic, Paralympic or World champion and a Halberg Award winner in the future.

Regarding the criteria, the Nominations Board consider:

1.    Past performance and achievement, including: 
       a. Significance of the athletes major performance or achievement  
       b. Significance of the competition or event where the major performance was achieved
       c. Other performances or achievements of significance
       d. Global nature of the sport

2.    Future potential, including:
       a. Potential to achieve at the highest (elite) level.
       b. Aspirations of the athlete and their qualities as a person, including:
           i. What their dream and/or goals are
           ii. How they are going to achieve their dream and/or goals
           iii. What they are prepared to give up in pursuit of their dream and/or goals
           iv. How they have responded to adversity
           v. How they have performed under pressure


  • Must be made by National Sports Organisations or Nomination Board members.

  • Are limited to one per National Sports Organisation.

  • Must include the nominees one page statement

  • Must be completed with as much information as possible relative to the past performance of the athlete and their potential to be an Olympic or World Champion.

  • Must be submitted via the online process by 30 November 2019


Nominations are considered and voted on by the Sky Sport Emerging Talent Voting Academy.

The Emerging Talent Voting Academy comprises eight to ten members, who have considerable high performance sport experience.  The vote takes place in two phases: the first to select the finalists, and the second to select the winner.

Any applications for special dispensation will be decided by the Emerging Talent Voting Academy.

Sky Sport Emerging Talent Voting Academy

The Sky Sport Emerging Talent Voting Academy comprises:

Byron Thomas, Chris Bullen, Ken Lynch, Mike Stanley, Nigel Avery, Paul Allison, Ron Cheatley, Ruth Aitken.