Voting Process

The process above means that while the voting process is managed by the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation, the actual voting is completely independent.

There are two phases in the actual voting process for the Halberg Awards listed above:

  • Phase One selects the finalists in each category. To achieve this, each member of the Voting Academy considers the nominees' biographies, and then votes (using a ranking system) for each category. All the votes are then totalled to establish the finalists for each category (at least four per category). This phase occurs in mid-December.
  • Phase Two selects the winners in each category as well as the supreme Halberg Award winner. In this phase the Academy are given one list (in random order) containing the finalists for the Sportsman, Sportswoman, Disabled Sportsperson & Team categories (ie the four categories which are eligible for the supreme Halberg Award, with four finalists each). They then rank these. When these votes are tallied it provides both the category winners & supreme Halberg Award winner.

NB All voting is by 'secret ballot', which means that members of the Academy do not know how one another vote, and the Voting Academy do not meet as part of the voting process.

The task of auditing votes for both phases is done by Deloittes.