Voting Process

The ISPS Handa Halberg Awards voting process is managed by the Halberg Foundation, but completed by an independent Voting Academy.

With the Decade Champion there is one phase to the voting process as finalists are already confirmed based on previous Halberg Awards winners from achievements in 2010 – 2019.

Each member of the Voting Academy considers the finalists biographies, and then votes using a ranking system separately for each category;
• Supreme Halberg Award Decade Champion
• ISPS Handa Sportsman of the Decade
• High Performance Sport New Zealand Sportswoman of the Decade
• ISPS Handa Para Athlete of the Decade
• ISPS Handa Team of the Decade
• Buddle Findlay Coach of the Decade

The votes are then totalled for each separate category to establish the category winners.

All voting is by 'secret ballot' via an independent online platform, which means that members of the Academy do not know how one another vote, and the Voting Academy do not meet as part of the voting process.


Voting System:

The voting system used for the ISPS Handa Halberg Awards Decade Champion is the Borda Count method. This method is a single-winner election method in which the Voting Academy rank the finalists in order of preference.

The Borda count determines the winner by giving each category finalist a number of points corresponding to the number of candidates ranked lower. The ISPS Handa Halberg Awards uses the method that requires all finalists to be ranked.


The task of auditing the votes is conducted by Deloitte.

Tie result:

In the event of a tie for any category, the tied candidates will revert back to the ballot count and be decided on the most allocated first (1) votes. Where there remains a tie, the tied candidates will be decided on the most allocated second (2) votes – and so on until a majority winner is finalised.